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Full site survey and installation services for your Rational oven

Your site survey and installation process

Site Survey:

Before you purchase your Rational oven, to minimise any potential delays and ensure your oven installation runs as smoothly as possible, one of our engineers will carry out a full site survey. As well as checking all the correct services are in place, here’s a breakdown of other checks we’ll cover:

  1. That there’s clear and safe access along the delivery route into your kitchen, as well as checking your proposed oven installation position is satisfactory
  2. The presence of cold water supply and adequate drainage and a recommendation of install position accordingly
  3. For electric ovens: The type of oven being installed with advice on position and power rating of the electrical supply being installed
  4. For gas ovens: Advice on position, height, and configuration of gas supply and isolator, as well as checking for adequate gas supply in, and installation of an interlock
  5. That there’s a permanent or interlocked air supply into your kitchen and your extraction system is operational and adequate for the installation
  6. That the correct oven is being ordered together with the correct stand (stands from older models or different manufacturers will not be suitable)
  7. The recommendation of the removal of your previous oven to outside your kitchen
  8. Discuss your installation requirements in full and note any specific instructions


Full installation of your new Rational oven is on the agreed basis that all our recommendations from your site survey have been carried out. This includes the oven being the correct model and the ordering of a corresponding new stand. Our installation charge covers the following only:

  1. The receipt of an undamaged oven and stand ready for unpacking and installation of the correct type, voltage, or gas type
  2. Unpacking and positioning of the oven as discussed in the site survey. Changes in installation site or failure to provide the correct services in the correct position may mean your oven cannot be installed
  3. For electric ovens: Connection to the correct electrical supply in the correct position as discussed in the site survey
  4. For gas ovens: Connection to the gas supply in the correct position as discussed in the site survey
  5. Connection to the water supply in the correct position as detailed in the site survey
  6. The connection of the oven drain into a suitable tundish or floor drain as discussed in the site survey
  7. Levelling and testing of all services prior to commissioning
  8. Commissioning and monitoring of the self-test sequence
  9. For gas ovens: Testing and recording of the flue gas analysis and any necessary adjustments to the burners
  10. A full demonstration of oven operation and cleaning practices with full user training (if required)

All items discussed in the site survey must be in position otherwise the oven cannot be commissioned.

Conditions of Acceptance:

Installation of a Rational oven supplied by a wholesaler or dealer is accepted on the following terms:

  1. A suitable site survey must be carried out by our own engineers. A third party site survey is unusable as we have not visited the site to make an assessment
  2. The oven and stand are delivered on the day before the installation date at the latest
  3. The time and date agreed by the customer or the supplier for installation is adhered too, unless we’ve been notified by phone and email at least 24 hours prior to the agreed time to confirm the installation has been re-scheduled (confirmation that we’ve received your re-scheduled instruction will be confirmed by a call and email from our office or engineer)
  4. All services are ready for installation on the day before the installation date. Additional time taken to allow a plumber or electrician to complete their installation will incur charges


Our standard site survey charge for:

  • Devon and Cornwall: £105 + VAT
  • Somerset and Dorset: £125 + VAT
  • Installation charges to be quoted per job

We’ll quote the installation charge which is dependent on the energy type (gas or electric) and size of your oven (table or floor model).

Additional Charges

An additional charge will be made in the following circumstances:

  1. Oven and/or stand not being on-site or inaccessible on the proposed installation date. Charge: Callout + hourly rate for terminated callout applies in addition to installation charge
  2. Services not in correct position or services not available on the proposed installation date. Charge: Callout + hourly rate for terminated callout applies in addition to installation charge
  3. Incorrect or damaged oven so installation is not possible on pre-arranged date.
  4. Charge: Callout + hourly rate for terminated callout applies in addition to installation charge
  5. Failure by a site to allow the engineer to start or complete installation as pre-arranged.
  6. Charge: Callout + hourly rate for terminated callout applies in addition to installation charge
  7. Disconnection and removal of an old oven to a site outside the kitchen. (Charge: To be quoted)
  8. Removal of old oven from site. (Charge: To be quoted)
  9. Any additional work not listed in this list. (Charge: To be quoted)

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