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All the information you need on our Rational oven full-service contracts

Why you should have your Rational oven serviced

  1. Regular servicing of your Rational oven can prevent printed circuit board (PCB) damage, as well as identifying any failing or damaged parts which may affect cooking results
  2. Your Rational oven has an air filter which filters cooling air for your oven control panel. This filter can become blocked which can cause components to fail prematurely.
  3. Damaged doors seals and a lack of regular cleaning can also cause component failure as well as affecting cooking results.
  4. Rational periodically release updated software which fixes bugs and improves the cooking specifications and programmes of your oven, especially on older models.
  5. Your Rational oven should be serviced at least once a year to keep it in peak working condition – even if it’s still within its 2-year warranty.
  6. Rational gas ovens should be tested every six months to make sure they’re operating safely and efficiently.

What your Rational service includes:

  • Comprehensive service of up to 90 points on your Rational oven and reporting condition on our checklist
  • Uploading of the latest Rational software updates
  • Checking of supply voltage and terminal condition and tightness
  • Components inspection and full function test
  • Removal and checking of water level sensor
  • Removal and cleaning, or replacement, of the air filter
  • Check condition and wear of door seals
  • Check condition and wear of door lock and catch
  • Check condition of the CleanJet®+care system
  • For electrically-heated ovens: Perform an electrical power test on Steam and Hot air modes
  • For gas-heated ovens: Perform a flue gas analysis and adjust burner settings
  • Discuss any installation or operating issues on your Rational oven you may have experienced

Service Contract Information

Service Contract Information & Pricing


Gives you peace of mind when running a busy kitchen.
Service Contracts help keep your kitchen finances in order by allowing you to budget and keep your Rational oven maintained.

Eligibility for a Service Contract

  • An oven becomes eligible to join our Service Contract Scheme if has been serviced or repaired in the last 3 Months by one of our engineers, and all the recommendations for a full repair have been carried
  • If your oven has not been attended too in a longer period than 3 Months, a full service will be required before the oven is accepted onto a service

What is covered

  • Two preventative maintenance visits per year (6 months apart)
  • Please see your proposal form for number of breakdown calls on your contract otherwise there is one emergency callout per oven within the service year per oven. Where multiple ovens are on contract with us at the same site the breakdown call per oven can be used as breakdown calls per
  • Please note the maximum time allowed for a service or breakdown call is 75 minutes per oven. Where this time is exceeded, or faults are found on a service visit or breakdown call that do not come under our PM visit or breakdown criteria an extra charge will be levied based on our hourly rate less 20%
  • Where all breakdown and preventative maintenance calls have been used before the end of the contact additional calls will be charged at our normal service rates with a discount of 20% until the end of the current contract. Where a site is found to require more than one breakdown call per oven per year it is recommended that an addition call per oven is included in the contract on the contract renewal date, addition charges will apply
  • 10% discount on all stock service spares (listed on page 5 )
  • Free Software up-dates (when available at time of service) (SCC WE and ICombi only)
  • Free Connection to CONNECTED COOKING whilst on service call (Ethernet Socket(s) must be provided adjacent to ovens position) Website:


Not Included

  • Descaling or any scale related faults ( Cleaning of water level sensor is included)
  • Physical damage to the control PCB, control panel, door, door glass or oven casing
  • Internal damage to racks, baffle plate or interior cabinet
  • Cracked lamp glass and associated damage
  • Malicious damage and vandalism
  • External water or fire damage
  • Failure to clean the oven as recommended
  • CONNECTED COOKING provision of ethernet circuit to oven and breakdown of connected cooking application
  • A supplementary hourly charge will apply if any of the above faults are found to be present on either a preventative maintenance or breakdown call.

A callout and Labour charge will apply if a re visit is required to rectify the problem

Contract Charges

Annual Contracts

  • To initiate an annual contact please fill and sign the attached proposal form
  • After you have signed and dated the contract please send us a copy of the last page of the contract
  • We will then send an invoice for the total amount of contract
  • On receipt of a copy of the proposal form and payment of the invoice your oven will be on contract with us
  • We will then contact you to arrange your first service
  • We will send you a reminder when your contract is due for renewal


Rolling Contracts

  • To initiate a monthly rolling contract with us please fill and sign the attached proposal form
  • After you have signed and dated the contract please send us a copy of the last page of the contract
  • We will then send a request from GoCardless for your bank details
  • On receipt of your bank details we will send an invoice for 3 Months up front as a deposit
  • We will then collect your payment by GoCardless
  • We will then send you monthly invoices and will collect the payment automatically
  • The minimum duration of your contract is 12 months
  • After the first 12 months period we will review your contract and will notify you of any changes in the terms or the price of the contract and continue to invoice you every month
  • If you decide to terminate the contract after the first 12 months please notify us by email and we will do the following
  • We will cease to invoice you for any further months
  • The oven will be on contract with us for a further 3 months until the deposit is used up or all invoices are paid
  • Payment for invoices will normally take place 14 fays after the invoice date

Spares and other Costs

  • Invoices for spares and any charges will either be added to your next monthly payment or may be invoiced separately
  • We will notify you in advance to let you know the additional costs

Preventative Maintenance (PM)

Is a call to inspect your oven and carryout replacement of small service parts and door seals as detailed below

Preventative Maintenance is a visit to check the following

  • Function test of all components
  • Check of Diagnostics to test for faulty sensors and library of fault codes
  • Voltage check, electrical safety test, inspection of connections to first upstream connection
  • Check for correct electrical installation (ie size of cable, plugs and MCB )
  • Earth Continuity test for Safety
  • Check of door seal, door catch and latch and adjustment of door
  • Visual check of racks, rack pins, baffle plate, fan(s) interior cabinet
  • Inspection of light(s) and light fittings and seals
  • Visual check of door drain channels and associated pipes and seals
  • Visual check of hoses, hose connections, steam tank seals, Steam heating element seals
  • Check on condition of Steam transfer hose and Pump drain hose
  • Removal, inspection and cleaning of water level sensor
  • Removal of humidity valve for visual inspection
  • Visual inspection of all other components within side panel of oven
  • Power check and correct functions of Steam and Hot-air elements
  • Function test of cooking and cleaning cycles
  • Discussion with our engineer to summarize further work required and possible improvements that can be made to optimize the usage of your oven


Preventative Maintenance does not include:

The replacement of larger components such as Motor, Drain Valve, printed circuit boards, humidity valve, fans, transformers, steam tanks, heating elements.

Any faults found at the time of a PM visit will be scheduled for a recall to fit the required parts and will be deemed to be one of your (1 or 2) free emergency breakdown calls (depending on contract)

Door Seals

A maximum of 1 door seal per oven will be supplied at a discounted rate during your service contract. The discounted seals will be fitted by our engineer and cannot be supplied as a spare part.

Emergency Breakdown

Emergency breakdown is separate to a PM call

An emergency breakdown call is a call to rectify a defect reported by you the customer. The maximum time allowed is 75 minutes per oven

Please note any additional time will be charged at our normal hourly rate less 20%

An emergency Breakdown call is a visit to check faults such as:

  • A Dead Oven – Oven failing to switch on
  • Oven Unresponsive – Oven switches on but controls are not working
  • Oven Leaking – Water detected after a clean or cooking cycle
  • Oven Operation fault – Oven does not cook as expected
  • Other faults – Any other fault
  • Recall after PM visit To fit parts seen as defective during a PM visit


Please check to make sure that there are no issues with your in-house services before placing a service call such as

  • Leaking or blocked in-house drain (no water on the stand, water on the floor behind oven)
  • Electrics have been switched off at the isolator (without your knowledge)
  • Water has been switched off by a plumber or cleaner without your knowledge

To Place an Emergency Breakdown call

Having made sure that the fault is with your oven and not external services please call and speak to either Ray, Shaun or Chris on 07836598713. We will then arrange for your oven to be fixed

Exclusions Lamps

Please note that interior lamps are not covered by our emergency breakdown service and do not carry any warranty. If you require lamps between service`s you can purchase a pack of 10 lamps which can be sent direct to you from our supplier.

Door Seals

Unless your door seal is causing danger due to steam escape, water on the floor after cleaning, or potential leak into the control panel, seals will only be fitted in a PM visit. Please note only 1 door seal per oven will be supplied at a discounted rate during your service contract. Door seals can only be fitted by our engineer and will not be supplied at a discount as a spare part.

Please see the spares service price list below:

Service Spares













Air Filter 16.01.662 Air inlet filter SCC £ 10.92 £ 9.83
40.02.684 Air inlet filter cpl. WE £ 7.60 £ 6.84
40.04.771 Air inlet filter XS £ 8.22 £ 7.40
Door Seal 20.02.549P Door gasket XS £ 55.20 £ 49.68
20.02.550P Door gasket 61 £ 57.30 £ 51.57
20.02.552P Door gasket 101 £ 64.86 £ 58.37
20.00.399P Door gasket 202 £ 77.39 £ 69.65
20.00.398P Door gasket 201 £ 72.25 £ 65.03
Door Lock 24.00.142P Door catch SCC £ 11.35 £ 10.22
24.02.761P Spring U-bolt for door lock SCC £ 20.45 £ 18.41
24.02.959 Door catch WE £ 9.18 £ 8.26
24.02.762 Door lock with spring U-bolt *2-step* WE £ 67.86 £ 61.07
Lamp 87.00.065 Repair kit bulb socket SCC + WE £ 28.91 £ 26.02
3024.0201P Halogen bulb 300°C All £ 3.50 £ 3.15
Drip Tray 24.00.171 Silicone buffer 7mm for door (Each) SCC + WE £ 1.60 £ 1.44
24.01.188 Drain door drip collector SCC + WE £ 10.38 £ 9.34
50.00.296P Clip f. drip collector (Each) SCC + WE £ 1.00 £ 0.90
50.00.303 Bushing drip collector SCC + WE £ 3.37 £ 3.03



  • Please note only spares listed above carry a 10% discount , all other spares are charged at Rational UK list price
  • All spares prices above are exclusive of vat.
  • Special order spares (non-van stock spares) such as Oven racks, Baffle plates, Steam generators, Hot air elements will carry a delivery charge.

If you are interested in a service contract please do not hesitate to contact via email ( for a sign up sheet.


Sign Up information

To begin your service contract with us, please call us on 07836 598 713 or email with full details of the Rational oven models you want to include. Alternatively, download and complete our Service Contract Sign Up sheet and send back to us.

Areas we cover

We are based in Tavistock and Service partners for the Southwest of England incorporating the whole of Cornwall and Devon and South Somerset and West Dorset

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  • Tuesday 07:30 - 18:00
  • Wednesday 07:30 - 18:00
  • Thursday 07:30 - 18:00
  • Friday 07:30 - 18:00
  • Saturday Emergency call out
  • Sunday Emergency call out

Rational Service Partners for the South West (UK).

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