Trip to the Scilly Isle’s

RP Hutchins Ltd have just returned from their annual visit to Scilly Isle's

The Problem

Due to location of the Scilly Isles, 26 miles off the coast of Lands End via helicopter, an annual visit needs to be organised in advance to make sure that the Isles 3 Rational ovens are kept in peak working condition. This can often be complicated by tides, bad weather and flight times, so it’s essential that everything works in your favour to get on the isles and the around its various islands.



The Solution

The trip is always very well planned by the team on the Isles of Scilly. Its fantastic to see the logistics on the isles in operation and there is always such a great sense of community when you travel around islands. We were taken by bus from the heliport on St Mary’s to a large passenger ferry to Tresco where we carry out a service at the New Inn and Flying Boat Club. Once completed we have lunch and then on to a small fishing boat, providing the tides are right, from Tresco to Bryer, where you hop on a golf buggy to the Hell Bay Hotel to carry out the third and final service.

We always enjoy our trips to the Scilly Isle’s, its great to work in such a beautiful part of the world.

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