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6 ways to help you keep your Rational oven clean and working at its best

Rational ovens are built to last. But being used every day means they might need some extra care and attention along the way. Here are six tips to help you keep your Rational oven clean and help it stay at peak performance for longer.

  1. Clean the air filter. If the air filter gets clogged with grease, dust, and debris, it will be less efficient and could lead to overheating. Clean your oven’s air filter in your dishwasher once a month and replace it at least twice a year for best performance.
  2. Keep the door seals clean. To avoid a build-up of food and greasy deposits which may affect your oven’s performance, clean the door seals daily using warm, soapy water to help keep them tight, efficient, and in good condition.
  3. Clean your oven daily. It’s important to clean your Rational oven every day. Using your oven’s cleaning cycle programme, you can keep the oven clean and hygienic while preventing any faults. Keep an eye on the efficiency care control and maintenance bars.
  4. Use the right tabs. While it’s important to use the right cleaning tabs for your Rational Oven, it can be confusing knowing which ones to use for your model:
    • Rational Care tablets – Blue packaging / 4x tabs per pack. For use only with SI, WE, and SCC Rational ovens with CleanJet®.
    • Rational Cleaning tabs – Silver/Red packaging / 1 x tab per pack. For use with all Rational oven models with a cleaning cycle.
    • Rational Rinse Aid tabs – Silver/Blue packaging / 1 x tab per pack. For use only with CPC and SCC Rational ovens without CleanJet®.
  5. Use Rational products. Be sure to only use the Rational cleaning products recommended for your oven model. Using cleaning products, including scourers or abrasive cleaners, from other manufacturers could cause damage and might invalidate your warranty.
  6. Get serviced. Your Rational oven will be put through its paces every day, so a 6-monthly service is recommended. Seals, filters, drip trays, and bulbs will be cleaned, checked, and replaced if necessary, as well as a full unit inspection and calibration.

Check our Servicing & Contracts page for more information on our Rational service packages, and buy all your Rational accessories, cleaners and spares from our secure online store.

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